Steve Aryan

Shouldering an AR Pistol with a SIG Brace

Steve Aryan
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Duration:   7  mins

Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Industries discusses considerations when shouldering an AR pistol using the SIG Stabilizing Brace or a pistol buffer tube.

SIG Brace

The SIG Brace is not a stock, so it is not permanently physically attached to prevent it from shifting or spinning. Steve twists it so it’s cockeyed. This is not helpful in gaining speed and consistency in the mounting process. Make sure the SIG Brace stays squared away!

Where do you mount it? Many people mount it in a position that their natural point of aim is off, which you don’t want to do. Mount it just a hair off of centerline, so instead of the recoil pushing you to the side, it will push you straight rearward and allow faster follow-up shots.


Steve works just on shouldering the AR pistol and driving it up. Mount it inward on the body and focus on the bottom of the SIG Brace, just like you would a stock, and pivot it as if it’s on a ball joint, minimizing the movement. Drive the AR pistol up to your cheek. Don’t bring your face down to it.

High-Capacity Magazine Issue

As you drop the pistol down into a low ready position, if you have a magazine inserted, especially a high-capacity magazine, it will hit you in the lower stomach area. As a result, shooters often pivot the pistol so it’s more comfortable. Steve stresses that if you do that, keep the point of contact between the SIG Brace and your upper chest so you can quickly drive the pistol up and continue to get the consistent, fast cheek weld that is needed to put shots on target efficiently.

If you’re not running a SIG Brace but a pistol buffer tube, the same principles for shouldering an AR pistol roughly apply, as Steve demonstrates.

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7 Responses to “Shouldering an AR Pistol with a SIG Brace”

  1. jeremy salutric

    As of the most recent letter (2018-2019) the BATFE has determined that the pistol becomes an NFA item once you shoulder the brace. While I love the video it is teaching illegal use of this platform.

  2. Jeffrey Padayao

    The Buffer Tube AR Pistol is not designed to be shouldered, shoot your AR Pistol the way it is designed to shoot. Your shooting hand on the grip and the support hand on the hand guard with the AR Pistol away from your body and in front of you. Especially with Rob Pincus AR Pistol, it appears to be a 7.5 inch barrel. It would be very unpleasant to shoulder and too close to the face to shoot unless you have a blast forwarder attached to the muscle.

  3. Jeffrey Padayao

    You cannot make any modification legally with the stabilizing brace as you recommend to glue or tape to permanently have a fixed shoulder support. The stabilizing brace if modified in any shape of form becomes a regular stock and you rifle becomes an SBR.

  4. Sadell Garcia

    I thought that shouldering sig brace was considered illegal and would then make your gun now a short barrel rifle according to those collecting stamps

  5. Pete

    Guess I missed it ,when did B.A.T.F.E bless shouldering the sig brace ? I know they issued another letter on another manufacturers "brace" but it adressed only that "brace" as I understand it .

  6. Dale

    Is this an Short barreled rifle or a pistol? (BATF consideration) It is obviously being promoted to be used like a rifle.

  7. Hughston Shooting School

    Maxim braces will not rotate. It is the best "pistol brace" out there. It is a game changer!

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