Rob Pincus

Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

Rob is on the range with a .308 Revolution pistol from POF-USA equipped with a Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter. Here, this accessory has been turned into a folding brace adapter because on this pistol, which is not a short-barreled rifle, it’s a brace, not a stock.

The good news is that the Law Tactical adapter works just as well in this folding brace adapter configuration as it does as a folding stock adapter.


Rob agrees that this combination of pistol and brace has a cool factor, but there’s more to recommend it than that. Based on colleagues and friends who have this pistol/brace setup staged as one of their self-defense weapons or being used professionally, Rob has been using this configuration himself for some time and found it rugged and reliable.

He finds the brace very useful as defensive gear for staging in a small space. An important consideration is that, when adding a folding stock adapter, or in this case folding brace, to an AR-type rifle or pistol, the weapon cannot be fired while the adapter is folded. This means you must take the time to position the stock properly before you can shoot the weapon. Does this take precious time you don’t have when in a defensive encounter?


Rob looks at this from a likely context of use, storing the AR pistol in a discreet, low-profile bag that may be kept in a vehicle, workplace, or carried in the public space for possible defensive use. Staging means there’s a round in the chamber, magazine in place, optics turned on, weapon on safe…but the adapter may need to be folded for it to fit in the carry bag.

He demonstrates that putting the folding stock adapter into position for use takes almost no time at all and in fact can be done while you are taking the gun out of the bag. Do not think that you are doubling your deployment time by having to unfold the stock — as Rob shows, that’s simply not true, and he recommends this setup for defensive use.

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