Omari Broussard

Intellectual Comfort in Training

Omari Broussard
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Omari Broussard, Chief Operating Officer of I.C.E. Training Company, is at an outdoor range in Phoenix—where it’s over 100º F—talking about comfort in training. Of course, this can mean comfort in relation to the weather or to your gear.

It can also mean intellectual comfort. How comfortable are you with the information that you are receiving? With all the resources available today, there’s no reason to come to a class and have no idea what’s going on. You can stack the odds in your favor by doing some research on the internet, or if the instructor has written some material, get familiar with that before class.

On the Range

Once you come out to the range, whether for handgun training or any kind of firearms training, one thing that Omari finds helps students a lot is asking questions. This not only helps the students but also helps the instructor tailor the course to what the students are looking for.

Get your “why” questions answered. You should not leave at the conclusion of a course wondering “Why did we do this?” or “What was that for?”

Evolution of Training

After 20 years in the military and experiencing how the US military conducts training, and now ten years as a firearms instructor in the private sector, Omari has seen the evolution of training. His course material has evolved over time because of the “why” questions students have asked him.

Students asking “why” questions and having dialogue with instructors are two ways students can develop intellectual comfort in training. Then as you move forward, the confidence will be there and you can have a more interactive experience with your instructors.

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