Dave Grossman

Sheepdogs by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Dave Grossman
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Duration:   12  mins

In this in-depth conversation with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, he talks about his ground-breaking books On Killing and On Combat. He explains how the concepts developed within their pages, as well as feedback he has received from warriors during his 15 years of giving group presentations, resulted in the sheepdog concept. Private citizens who are prepared to defend themselves and others are sheepdogs and the subject of the latest book by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Sheepdogs: Meet Our Nation’s Warriors.

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4 Responses to “Sheepdogs by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman”

  1. Steve

    Situation: You are in a kosher bakery and a terrorist comes in and shoots several fellow patrons dead and then settles in for a long siege with the police outside. He orders several of the patrons to take out security cameras and others to bring the others in other areas back to the main floor. You are sitting between 5 and 10 feet from the terrorist who has an assault rifle. You have a Bodyguard 380 in your smart carry holster in your pants. When is the best time to take a shot? A quick draw when he is temporarily looking away but still close by? Wait until he is moving in a completely different direction and use the laser for a 20 foot shot?

  2. Duane

    Thank you for a great video. I certainly felt the passion and compassion in Lt. Col. Grossman's voice. I have now determined to read all of his books, and to give the Sheepdog book to my children so they can share it with my grandchildren. And thank you for your service!!



  4. Bill Hoppe

    I really enjoyed hearing Lt. Col. Grossman again. His seminar was great. Both Rob and LTC. Grossman are wonderful trainers and authors. Thank you.

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