William Aprill

The 5 Ws of Personal Defense

William Aprill
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Duration:   4  mins

Every moment spent planning for the possibility of an encounter with a violent criminal is important. How do we begin to think about that possibility? William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting advocates starting with the 5 Ws of Personal Defense known as the who, what, when, where and why of a defensive encounter.

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4 Responses to “The 5 Ws of Personal Defense”

  1. Ella

    I'd love to hear him speak more about the interaction between the good guy and potential preditor and what it is that may lesson the appearance of being a good victim.

  2. Bill

    Very intersting perspective. I agree that planning is crucial. Planning in detail is very different from pre-judging any person or activity. I think to ensure that proper escalation of force to occur and support a justified self-defense, one must plan in terms of action and reaction. This allows one to make decisions on avoiding a potentially disastrous situation. Unfortunately there are evil people out there...but it is the evil actions that warrants the proper use of deadly force.

  3. Richard

    The most disturbing aspect presented was "expressive violence" in which the purpose of the violent act is the violence itself. I believe an individual motivated by such a dark and evil drive will not be open to reason or negotiation. They will only be stopped by force.

  4. Joseph

    Watched this video a couple of times and believe it very important. He briefly talked about the mind of the criminal and also the mind of those wanting to protect themselves. I once lived in a community for five years that was considered the most dangerous community in the city. I got to make friends with some very rough people who blew my mind because I never encountered or understood how some people who scam, rob, or hurt other people think. These type of people plan, some more than others. Their mind is way different from the community of individuals who believe protecting themselves and others is their right and their duty. To make a long story short training with hand combat skills and gun skills is important but planning what you will do in different situations is of prime importance. The time of the encounter is not the time to think what am I willing to risk to deal with this situation.

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