Understanding a Self Defense Keychain

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These defensive implements are increasing in popularity. Cecil Burch of Immediate Action Combatives explains that, although they can be useful, they are not a substitute for knowledge and skill. Merely possessing one does not guarantee you will prevail in a defensive encounter. You must know how to punch and block in order for a small impact tool to be effective and in order not to hurt yourself with it.

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16 Responses to “Understanding a Self Defense Keychain”

  1. GARY

    1) A gun {or keychain, or Kubotan} does not repel bad guys the way OFF! repels mosquitoes. As he says, skill is also essential.
    2) This looks to me very much like a cut-down ‘brass knuckle,’ which does not actually need to be made of brass to be illegal in your jurisdiction. In Minnesota, an auto-opening knife (switchblade), slungshots (monkey fist), sand club, and ‘metal knuckles’ are illegal, as well as anything that’s made for the purpose of assaulting another person and causing death or great bodily harm. Phew!
    So look at the beveled tip of that ‘single knuckle’ tool: It could easily open up someone’s face or neck, or simply puncture. And you don’t have to have a law degree to see the possibilities.
    I’ve carried a Kubotan for 20+ years, but something like that aluminum ‘knuckle’ or one of those ‘cat’ key chains will almost certainly be confiscated, if not lead to criminal charges.
    It wouldn’t be worth it to me, even if these items were significantly more effective than my plastic Kubotan.

  2. mike n hayes

    sad here in California it is a felony to have anything like that, they are considered brass knuckles

  3. Gordon

    A lot of these things are nothing more than gimmicks that are bought by untrained mall Ninjas.

  4. Mswindham

    This guy is a clown. He repeats himself almost as much Trump. More than that, he doesn’t explain that the keychain he shows is totally illegal to possess on your person in many jurisdictions; the brass knuckles laws. And to use them can be considered a felony. His next grave error is one of omission: In this confrontation scenario, a conscious person is already ready. One doesn’t walk to a car without oc or something already in their hand ready to go. A knowledgeable person should carry keys ready to get into their car. And they can be a devastating tool for self defense if used properly. And no one will ever get arrested for carrying keys or using them in a SD mode. And no one is going mock a person for a stupid looking bulbous attachment to their keychain. Probably doesn’t fit into a pocket vey well either. At least the “Little Kitty” was attractive.
    This video was worse than the guy who recently demonstrated an archaic revolver reload. At least he didn’t repeat himself.

  5. Don

    I just revisited this and realized we are all focusing on the implement and it’s legality.
    Practice, Practice, Practice!!! Don’t rely on anything unless you can rely on yourself!!!

  6. Michael

    Who is the mfg of this compact piece?
    Anyone know if it is still available?

  7. clifford london king

    If you know how to deploy it and use it I will take any advantage I can get on the street.

  8. john stine

    quite a transition from the old brass knuckles
    (with which I have hurt myself).

    where can I get one?

  9. Michael

    That’s a one finger brass knuckle. Unless it has some other practical use (belt buckle, bottle opener) it’s going to be seen as illegal. Better just to carry your keys normally and use them to stab with in a push dagger grip. Also, you could “get away with” carrying a standard kubaton. I think a person with little to no training can make better use of one of those by just putting it in an icepick grip and going to work on an attacker with it. On another note, when it comes to training, not everyone has the time, money, or even the desire, which is a shame

    • Don

      Whether its a part of a belt buckle or or some other implement, IT IS ILLEGAL in many states!!!
      Don’t compound your problem.

  10. Kent Galyon

    Love the key chain. Is it legal in all 50 states?

    Kent Galyon

    • CST

      Hi, Kent! You’d need to not only read the law in the area you are concerned about, but also understand that your INTENT to carry anything as a weapon can change the legality issue. Baseball Bats are “legal” in all 50 states, but you could still be charged with carrying one as a weapon.

    • John Donohue

      I don’t know about any other states but good old California would call that brass knuckles.

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