Don Edwards

Using a Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

Don Edwards
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Duration:   7  mins

During the first live PDN Product Showcase, we looked at several different types of products, including some we don’t normally talk much about but that relate to personal defense readiness. One of these was the Work Sharp family of knife sharpening tools.


If you carry a knife as one of your self-defense tools, you need to keep it in good working order, and that means it needs to be sharp. In the past, you could send knives out to a professional knife sharpener or do it yourself if you had a lot of patience, but now with Work Sharp tools, at-home knife sharpening has become much easier.

PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical demonstrate both a manual and a powered knife sharpener from Work Sharp. Each comes with an instruction card that’s clear and easy to follow.

The Work Sharp manual knife sharpener is adjustable so you can customize it for whatever angle your knife edge needs to be at, from 30° to 15°. It’s an angle-guided, 3-sided abrasive jig-and-clamp style sharpener for fast, easy, and precise manual sharpening.


This is a powered knife sharpener from Work Sharp. It has an angle guide that adjusts between 20° and 25° to create precise, repeatable bevels on any knife, high and low sharpening speeds, and three flexible abrasive belts that conform to any blade shape, meaning you can sharpen all your knives as well as tools. Both Rob and Don are clearly fans of this knife sharpener for its ease and speed of use.


If you carry a pocket knife to cut open boxes and perform other mundane tasks, having it razor sharp is good but not critical. If knife defense is one of your primary methods of personal protection, Work Sharp sharpening tools put this job under your control and under your own roof.

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