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Kimber EVO Pistol… it works!

I haven't done very many "1000 Round Reviews" in my life. I honestly can't remember any other attempt to do one that went so flawlessly. That is really saying something. I am very impressed Kimber EVO. The example I have is a great gun. I'd carry it for defensive use. I wouldn't be afraid to trust it to protect myself or anyone I care about it in a defensive situation. That's something I never thought I'd be able to say about a stock Kimber. Read More

Setting Your Sights for Success

Properly zeroed sights allow defensive shooter to maximize his potential on the range during training and practice. More importantly, they allow him to be more efficient in the plausible defensive fight, when a higher level of precision must be achieved. Photo: authorAs a defensive instructor… Read More

Pistol Reloads, Blue Guns, and Brain Function

Beretta M9 and its blue pretender showed that even an obvious weight difference would not reliably prevent stress-induced confusion. Photo: authorEditor’s Note: Repeated student errors in defensive handgun classes sent the author on a mission to understand why these mistakes were happening, and what we… Read More

Reloading a Revolver

Although I still teach a lot of classes at Black Wing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio, my role has evolved to include planning and administration of our training programs, as well as executing those plans. Consequently, I have become more interested in things such as instructor development and the standardization… Read More