AR-15 Essentials 5-DVD Set with 2 Tools




Bundle: AR-15 Essentials 5-DVD Set + 2 Tools

The AR-15 is one of the most popular firearms on the market today, and for good reason. Not only is it lightweight and easy-to-use, but it is made in such a way that it can be fully customizable as well as easy to build and take apart for many reasons. Whether your goal is to save money on an AR-15 purchase, customize it to your liking and benefit, or to learn how it is constructed in order to better understand how to use and maintain it, this bundle, complete with an AR-15 Micro Tool AND an AR-15 Trigger Safety, is just for you! 361 minutes.

AR-15 Essentials 5-DVD Set

Accessorizing Your AR
The AR-type carbine is the most popular home defense rifle in the United States and a mainstay of law enforcement and military units. There are more accessories and modifications available for this family of firearms than any other, so Rob Pincus highlights the important modifications and upgrades that you might consider for your personal AR-type carbine such as stocks, fore-ends, grips, optics, laser and slings, and discusses which modifications to avoid for a defensive firearm. 71 minutes.

DIY AR-15 Build

Centola takes viewers on a full tour of the AR-15, introducing them to the weapon itself and all of the components that make it what it is. Along the way, he shows viewers how to identify its different parts, he explains each purpose, and he discusses options that owners have to make a weapon that is tailor-made for their needs and uses. Centola also shows viewers the specifics about how they can construct a fully-operational AR-15 using parts that can be obtained from many different sources in order to save on costs without sacrificing the quality users expect. 60 minutes.

Carbine Combatives and Retention
This video emphasizes on carbine combatives and retention. It will show you four main combative strikes, different retention drills, direct action combative drills, and more. This video also demonstrates integrating a response with a handgun.74 minutes.

Advanced Combat Focus Carbine
This video demonstrates everything from carbine set up to using different covers including bonus footage. Expert Rob Pincus will show you how to shoot around a corner with a defensive carbine, how to use a rifle in extreme close quarters, and even how to take cover behind small objects. Rob also explains how to train with reactive targets. 66 minutes.

Fundamentals of Defensive Long Guns
Rob Pincus and his team of experienced instructors introduce you to the fundamentals of using long guns in personal or home defense. Instructors provide an overview of long gun concepts and specific techniques that you should learn for the use of an AR type semi-automatic carbine, pump and semi-automatic shotguns and lever action rifles. Rob also thoroughly reviews types of long guns and long gun optical systems and discusses the various advantages and disadvantages they can offer during a lethal encounter. This DVD features over 1 hour of valuable information appropriate to anyone considering the use of a rifle or shotgun during a dynamic critical incident. 90 minutes.

AR-15 Micro Tool ($20 Value)

18-in-1 Carry Tool

Introducing a compact, function packed tool that fits in the palm of your hand.

The last thing anyone wants is to get to the range and have a glitch keep your AR from running smoothly. The AR15 Micro Tool’s sturdy stainless steel frame contains tools to help you adjust sights, tear down the AR, and scrape carbon from the bolt carrier group. This little wonder can save the day.

AR-15 Staging Holster ($7 Value)

The AR15 TriggerSafe is a patented device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of AR15 rifles. The TriggerSafe AR15 was made to avoid negligent discharges that occur when you do not have positive control of a loaded rifle that can occur during hunting, training, range time, transportation, storage or anytime your hands are off the rifle.

Simply snap a TriggerSafe on in less than a second to cover the trigger of the AR15 and prevent accidents. Also a perfect accessory for AR Pistols and to protect expensive after-market triggers from damage. It’s like a holster for the AR15.

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