Handgun Essentials 3-DVD Set + FREE Glock Triggersafe


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Bundle: Handgun Essentials 3-DVD Set + FREE Glock Triggersafe

Advanced Pistol Handling

Rob Pincus addresses one handed (Strong and Weak) shooting, one handed (Strong and Weak) reloading, the industry changing Non-Diagnostic Malfunction Drill and several other aspects of pistol handling that could save your life in a true worst case scenario. In addition to teaching the techniques, this video provides a basis for practicing them on any live fire range. If you’ve already developed your fundamental shooting skills, you’re ready for this video! 66 minutes.

Subcompact Firearms

Rob Pincus takes an in-depth look at the special considerations you need to know when you choose a subcompact semiautomatic handgun for personal defense. Choosing to carry a small firearm, because of convenience or necessity, comes with the responsibility of understanding the compromises involved and the proper techniques in carrying, presenting, shooting and manipulating them. 88 minutes.

Handgun Modifications

Whether you should or shouldn’t modify your defensive pistol has been a hotly debated topic for years.  The fact is that modifying your firearm can give you an advantage when you need it most; during a dynamic critical incident.  It could mean the difference between keeping yourself or your family alive. In this video, Rob Pincus shows you “intelligent” modifications that you can make to your firearm that will improve its fit, efficiency and / or reliability.  He’ll also show you popular modifications that are not recommended for a defensive pistol. 84 minutes.

FREE Glock Trigger Safety ($11 Value)

TriggerSafe Glock Staging Holster is for all standard Glocks except models 42,43 and 48. The only manufactured minimalist holster that works with most attached weapon lights such as Surefire, Streamlight and Olight. Comes with 24 inches of paracord.