Law Enforcement Interactions 4-DVD Set


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4-DVD Set: Law Enforcement Interactions

Now more than ever, it’s critical for every firearms owner to understand the dynamics of interacting with law enforcement officers and the legal community. With this important set of training and insights, you’ll be better prepared for such interactions. 268 minutes.

Interactions with Law Enforcement – 73 minutes


  • Interacting with Law Enforcement while Carrying Concealed
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement while Openly Carrying a Defensive Firearm
  • Reporting a Confrontation while Armed
  • Being Pulled Over for a Traffic Violations while Carrying a Firearm
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement When a Firearm is Exposed & Accessible in Your Vehicle
  • Immediate Aftermath of a Shooting – 50 minutes


  • Confirm You Are Safe
  • Assess Additional Threats
  • Personal Medical Attention
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Police Response
  • Communicate with the Police
  • Control of Information
  • Simulation
  • Detailed Assessment After Initial Threat Drill
  • Multiple Threat Assessment Drill
  • Legal Defense Considerations – 84 minutes


  • Types of Laws and Crimes that Relate to Defensive Use of Force
  • Model Penal Code
  • Defending Self Defense
  • The First Five Minutes
  • At Trial
  • When to Use Lethal Force
  • Exceptions to General Guidelines
  • The Armed Lifestyle
  • Choosing an Attorney
  • Legal Considerations of the Use of Non-Lethal Defensive Force – 61 minutes


  • Pointing a Firearm at Another to Stop a Threat
  • “Brandishing” a Firearm
  • Dealing with Law Enforcement after a Non-Lethal use of a Defensive Firearm.
  • Using a Firearm to Detain a Person
  • Using Non-Lethal Force against Non-Lethal Force
  • Law Enforcement Perspective: Using Non-Lethal Defensive Force
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