Self-defense means stopping a threat by whatever means necessary. Check out this line-up of self-defense videos for armed and unarmed scenarios.

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    Rob Pincus is on the range to demonstrate an efficient draw stroke — presenting the gun from the holster — particularly in terms of the proximity of the gun to the body and the orientation phase of pointing the gun at the target. Rob is carrying outside the waistband for these gun shooting drills, but… Read more »

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    Rob Pincus is using an FN 15 Tactical II rifle to work on varying the target distance in order to vary his balance of speed and precision. The two main things you can vary are target size and target distance to help work on your balance of speed and precision, in recognizing the fastest pace… Read more »

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    The two Robs, PDN’s Rob Pincus and Team Springfield™’s Rob Leatham, are back on the range and timing their shooting drills. Who do you think wants to toss the timer: defensive shooter Pincus or competition shooter Leatham? Competition Drill In competition shooting, where accuracy and speed are the keys to success, timing is indeed critical…. Read more »

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    The hows and whys of effective shooting on the move are examined in the latest handgun training session with defensive shooter Rob Pincus of PDN and competition shooter Rob Leatham of Team Springfield. Leatham’s Take In competition, the two elements that determine a score are speed and accuracy. Targets are often shot on the move… Read more »

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  • The Myth of Weak Hand Shooting

    Rob Pincus attacks the myth that if you switch to weak hand shooting you will be safer than if you keep the gun in your strong hand. Rob explains the assorted misconceptions and misunderstandings that go along with the idea of switching hands, and demonstrates why strong hand shooting is more beneficial than weak hand… Read more »

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  • The Next Evolution of Personal Defense Handguns

    What should the next evolution of personal defense handguns look like? What should people be asking for? What should manufacturers be bringing to the market? Renowned gunsmith and PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham shares his thoughts on which areas innovation will – and needs to — occur in.

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  • Planning Your Visit to a Traditional Indoor Gun Range

    If you’ve taken a dynamic defensive shooting class, you want to maintain the skills you learned. How can you do this at an indoor range, when you are operating as an individual and no longer under the supervision of an instructor? How can you maximize the range time yet work within the rules in place… Read more »

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  • Warning Shots

    Firearms are potentially lethal defensive tools, not signaling devices. Firing “warning shots” in the hopes that you scare someone away is not a recommended defensive tactic and could result in the injury of a bystander or even someone who is far from the scene of your incident. While it is true that many attackers are… Read more »

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  • When Is Deadly Force Justified in Home Defense?

    “Can I use lethal force to defend myself?” or “When is deadly force justified?” are questions Rob Pincus is often asked. Rob encourages everyone to know the laws in their jurisdiction regarding owning firearms, having them in the home and carrying them in public. But at the moment when faced with a lethal threat, the… Read more »

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  • Home Defense Tactics: Fundamentals of Home Defense

    Rob Pincus discusses the Five Fundamentals of Home Defense tactics: Evade, Barricade, Arm, Communicate, Respond. Thinking ahead of time about these five steps will empower you to respond more efficiently if you ever do have a threat inside your home, or trying to get into your home.

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  • Encountering a Threat in Your Home

    In this demonstration, Rob Pincus provides all the steps that you should follow after you’ve encountered a threat in your home. Once you’re aware of the hostile intrusion, making sure that you and your family are safe is, naturally, the first priority. You’ll learn how to diagnose the situation, move around in your home, give… Read more »

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  • Family Safety Plan: Communication

    When preparing for a disaster, making plans with your family is one of the most important steps you can take. The three Cs should dominate your actions with your family during any critical incident: Coordination, Communication and Cooperation. Rob Pincus expands on the three Cs, taking into consideration the probable challenges families will face during… Read more »

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