2015 PDN Training Tour Update #8

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Duration: 8:16

Rob Pincus is joined by PDN Contributor Mike Hughes, developer of the SIRT training pistol, to discuss the importance of “variability” in training and the need to sometimes accommodate a less than perfect range environment.

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4 Responses to “2015 PDN Training Tour Update #8”

  1. Janay

    Miaoneljccksha23836 / Hey! one question, I have a pioneer Blu ray and i bought it 1 year ago. can i still play 3d movies on it or do i have to buy a new 3d blu ray?Thank you!

  2. John Skirnick

    i would like to join..but I will not go for the automatic re-up feature

    • CST

      Hi, John. You may opt out of the auto renewal feature post-registration by contacting us at 1-855-231-0650.

      • Freddy

        Is true. 2 years ago that is exactly what I did. I just keep a eye on expire date and reup as I wish.

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