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SIRT Training Knives

Mike Hughes
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Mike Hughes and Britt Lentz of Next Level Training introduce the SIRT Training Knife. It’s a dedicated training knife that you can use to train for knife defense in a realistic and practical manner.

They developed it to fill a need in the world of knife training. Mike and Britt saw that among existing training knives, there wasn’t one that is the size of a pocket knife. The SIRT Training Knife is the size and feel of a pocket folding knife, though it does not fold.

When researching training knives, Mike and Britt also learned that knives made of steel or hard plastic are not appropriate for training with bags because they rip up the bags too much.

Force-on-Force Training

The SIRT Training Knife is designed for knife defense, not knife offense. With it you can train your knife skills in a safe and realistic manner. The SIRT Training Knife is great for scenario training where one or more people are armed with a knife. Unlike other training knives, the durable but bendable blade allows you to jab, stab, and slash forcefully without harming yourself, your training partners, or the blade. After any type of strike, the blade returns to its original shape.

It’s easy to differentiate the SIRT Training Knife from real knives due to its orange handle and black blade that bends easily. This durable rubber blade stands up to abuse. The Next Level Training development staff bent it hundreds of thousands of times to test it. It’s built to last.

Practical CQB Training

Mike and Britt demonstrate how useful the SIRT Training Knife is for extreme close-quarters fighting when one person has a gun and one has a knife. When charged up close by a person with a knife, can you get to your gun in time? This exercise can help validate your firearms training by using the SIRT Training Knife as part of your defensive training gear.

Retail price of the SIRT Training Knife is $19.95.

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