Mike Hughes

Next Level SIRT Training Pistol: 110 SPOT Trainer

Mike Hughes
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Duration:   5  mins

Next Level Training is famous for the SIRT Training Pistol. SIRT stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. Next Level’s Mike Hughes and PDN’s Rob Pincus discuss the increasing popularity of red-dot sights on handguns, a development both have been experimenting with but still believe have some serious downsides.

110 SPOT Trainer

Because more shooters are adding red-dot sights to their defensive handguns, Mike and Next Level have come up with the 110 SPOT Trainer. When used with a SIRT Training Pistol, the SPOT (SIRT Pistol Optical Trainer) perfectly imitates a reflex sight for a fraction of the cost. Changing from iron sights to a reflex sight takes some training. If you haven’t worked the mechanics, adding a reflex sight may actually slow your shooting down initially.

The SPOT is a very simple and cost-effective way to train for your reflexive optic. The SPOT fits on your SIRT slide (110 models currently) and uses the red trigger take-up laser to mimic the dot in a pistol-mounted optic (for example, a Trijicon RMR as Mike has in this video).

The SPOT allows you to see the red dot even when it is outside of the sight. Its durable plastic construction stands up to rigorous training, and it’s easily installed. At $19.99 retail, it’s an inexpensive addition to your self-defense tools.

Shortening the Learning Curve

With a red dot sight installed on a rifle, the dot is always in the right place because you hold the rifle up to your face. But when firing a pistol, it’s held far from the face and is not as forgiving, so there is a learning curve.

Next Level Training is dedicated to shortening the learning curve with the SIRT Training Pistol and now the SPOT, making it easier for shooters to train even when not on a live-fire range.

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