Rob Pincus

Staging an AR-15 For Home Defense

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

An AR-15 can be an excellent choice as a firearm for home defense. But using it as such is not just a matter of efficiency; it’s also a matter of responsibility. Learn more from Rob Pincus about accessing and deploying an AR inside the barricade area of a home.


You may choose to stage an AR-15 for home defense, but this does not mean leaning it against the wall in a corner of your bedroom. Your responsibility is to make sure unauthorized persons do not have access to that rifle. This includes children, other untrained family members, visitors, delivery people, bad guys, and anyone else who may come to your home.

There is more than one safe way to stage an AR-15 in your home. Rob Pincus chooses to safely keep his AR in a Tactical Walls Full-Length Concealment Mirror. In a related video, he demonstrates the features of this Tactical Walls Mirror, including its ease of access to authorized persons only and what other items he stages inside it for emergency use.

Rob stresses that a secure storage unit like the Tactical Walls Mirror is a must for preventing unauthorized access to your home-defense long gun. Giving your teenagers a stern lecture about not touching your guns is definitely not enough.

Staging a Rifle vs Staging a Handgun

Staging an AR-15 for home defense is different than staging a handgun. Due to the size difference, there are more options in terms of safes for staging a handgun. The portability of a handgun as opposed to a rifle is another consideration. Think about if you want to equip your AR with a sling for ease of movement.

Ready To Defend

After you have accessed your defensive AR inside the barricade area of your home, the next steps in your home-defense tactics are to make sure it has a round in the chamber and turn your light and laser on if appropriate, as well as your optic. Many optics have a constant-on function, which is one less thing to worry about under stress.

Next, move to 90 degrees off the line of fire from the door. If they are not already on you, grab your cell phone and flashlight.

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