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What's in Your Tactical Walls Barricade Area? - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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The barricade area in your home is where you gather with your family in a worst-case scenario home invasion. Your family members are behind you and you’ve got a reinforced door, perhaps an exterior door with a solid deadbolt. This area is a good location for a Tactical Walls Full-Length Concealment Mirror, which is a mirror gun safe.

Entryway Area vs Barricade Area

In a related video, Rob discussed the gear you want to place in a Tactical Walls unit that is in a common or entryway area in your home. The items in that location will not be the same as the ones in your barricade area or other secure area. This is where you’ll store your serious firepower for home defense.

The Tactical Walls Full-Length Concealment Mirror has two hidden compartments behind a wall mirror. The smaller compartment measures 14″W x 10″H x 3.5″D. The larger compartment is 14″W x 40″H x 3.5″D. You can store a pistol in the smaller compartment and a long gun in the larger one, meaning that you can have two armed family members if that is appropriate — perhaps your spouse or older child with the handgun.

Smaller Compartment

Rob notes that the handgun in his Tactical Walls mirror gun safe has a trigger guard on it for safe handling. In the smaller compartment, he’s also placed a flashlight with lanyard, spare pistol magazine, and paddle holster.

Larger Compartment

Rob’s AR-15 is set up with a red-dot optic, a laser-light module, and a sling. There’s still plenty of room in the large compartment, so Rob has his primary medical kit and secondary medical kit — enough for two family members to use — and two extra rifle magazines.

At the bottom of the mirror gun safe are a couple of items you might not have thought of. First is, hardwired into the wall, an old, off-contract cellphone that is kept charged and can be used to make emergency calls. He also keeps a headlamp for hands-free light.

You may want to place other gear in your Tactical Walls Full-Length Concealment Mirror, such as body armor and hearing protection.

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