C.O.R.R.: Clamp, Orient, Ram, Retract.

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Duration:   4  mins

Chris Fry of MDTS Training takes a step-by-step look at employing the C.O.R.R. principle with a long gun. It’s designed to prevent takeaways and engage an aggressor at close quarters without using lethal force. Chris also presents options for lethal force should that become necessary.

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5 Responses to “C.O.R.R.: Clamp, Orient, Ram, Retract.”

  1. Kevin Kerr

    Thanks, I noted 2 mistakes I could have made in the Ramp, retraction movement I could have easily made under the stress of the situation. Much appreciated

  2. Chris T

    Interesting concept but it seems based on self defense. As a team member making entry, you are offensive. Once a suspect grabs that carbine, all bets are off. You strike until he stops. The sling is there for a reason. He should use it. Let go of the carbine, draw your handgun and end the fight.

  3. Jim K

    Ditch the sling, it makes a great thing to grab onto and give you some serious problems.

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