Hearing Protection Ear Plugs vs. Muffs

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Duration:   3  mins

Protect your hearing during live-fire range training and practice. Rob Pincus shows a variety of hearing protection ear plugs and ear muffs. He explains what the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) on these products means and what “doubling up” with both ear plugs and muffs results in. Rob also discusses why he believes ear plugs are superior for hearing protection.

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2 Responses to “Hearing Protection Ear Plugs vs. Muffs”

  1. Jimmy Devine

    Never looked at ratings, always assumed muff were better. Thanks Rob.

  2. Meathead

    On the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and on the flight line, we had to wear earmuffs (Micky Mouse Ears) for protection. Must of us wore ear plugs as well as the Mickey Mouse Ears.
    On the range, I use ear plugs as well as earmuffs.
    I’m 78 and have excellent hearing due to the extra protection.

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