Personal Defense Readiness - Close Quarter Form

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Duration:   6  mins

Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical Systems demonstrates how to incorporate multiple self-defense techniques in different scenarios with the close quarter combat form.

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6 Responses to “Personal Defense Readiness – Close Quarter Form”

  1. Jim

    Excellent instruction! Need more like this – simple, doable, easily practiced at home and effective.

  2. Kevin

    I expect so much better from Tony .
    When will MA Or self defense experts get over using a frontal knee to an opponent mid section with their arms down ready to defend and take the knee er to the ground.
    Every thing else was typically good as expected from Tony.

    • Ian

      For starters, the knee strike demonstrated here was to the head/face, not the midsection. This makes for a completely different dynamic.

      Second, while a knee strike can potentially leave you open to countering if used by itself, in THIS context the strike was used against an opponent that was already off balance and disoriented from preceding attacks. As such, a single, fast knee strike is nearly impossible to counter effectively: even if they do get an arm up to defend, it will still result in a punishing blow to the head/face.

      Finally, this type of defensive exercise is NOT intended to serve against well trained MMA fighters or martial artists. If Chuck Liddell decides to beat me up, I’m toast, end of story. That’s not the point, here. These type of drills are intended to allow the average person to defend themselves against an untrained criminal attacker. In this capacity, they excel.

  3. Sarah

    I really enjoyed how this was broken down in a simplified, easy to practice at home way. The different angles presented were helpful for perspective.

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