Ken Crawford

Training Holster Presentation Off The Range

Ken Crawford
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Duration:   2  mins

Range Manager Ken Crawford of Reno Guns & Range discusses drawing from the holster. Unlike at many ranges, patrons at Reno Guns & Range are allowed to draw their handgun from the holster and shoot, provided the holster is worn in an exposed position.

Concealed Carry

People ask Ken why they can’t come to Reno Guns & Range and shoot from a concealed holster. It’s strictly a safety issue. Range officers ensure that all guns on the range are pointed in a safe direction. Drawing from a concealed carry position means the gun might get snagged on clothing, introducing an element of uncertainty. This is why practicing the drawstroke from concealment is not permitted at the range. Drawing while in unorthodox positions such as seated or prone is also forbidden.

At Home Practice

Ken recommends using a SIRT pistol or blue gun at home and drawing from concealment into a ready position. This practice is very beneficial for your shooting drills, because you can practice wearing a variety of different clothing, for example, a t-shirt, polo shirt, button-down shirt, or hoodie. Your drawstroke will be somewhat different depending on which of these you are wearing.

Weather is another consideration. What kind of outer garment might you be wearing? This affects your drawstroke. Practice your drawstroke while wearing the different types of outerwear in your wardrobe.

Two Steps to Success

At home, practice drawing the gun from the holster and into the ready position. At the range, practice driving the gun out from the ready position and shooting.

If your range doesn’t let you draw from the holster or from concealment during handgun training, you can still practice realistically. What you want to avoid is training to take the blue gun out and directly into a ready position. Bring the gun out of the holster and into the ready position.

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