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    Defensive Handgun Training for Women

    Alisha Ketter, a Defensive Firearms Coach at Reno Guns & Range, focuses primarily on women’s handgun training. Most of the women who come to RG&R for training come in after a critical incident. They have experienced something in their life that makes it useful for them to explore self-defense for women. Alisha’s role is to…

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  • Handguns for Women

    Hand Sizing Tips When Fitting Handguns for Women

    Handguns for women — is there such a thing? PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus doesn’t believe in making gender-specific recommendations because everyone is an individual. Some women have upper-body strength and some do not, just as some men have less upper-body strength than others. Same with hand sizes. Some women have large hands and some…

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    Safety Tips for High School & College Girls

    From Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center, Christina Dennis presents some safety tips for high school and college girls. The principles of self-defense for women, or indeed for anyone, state that avoiding potentially risky situations is the first step toward staying safe. Here are some specifics for young women. First, don’t walk to your car…

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  • elbow strikes for self defense

    Downward Elbow Strikes for Self-Defense

    Two great things about elbow strikes for self-defense are that the elbows are readily accessible, and you are not limited to one type of motion with them. You can strike up with the elbow, come around and strike from the side with it, or in some circumstances start up high and strike downward. There’s no…

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  • hip escape

    Hip Escape

    One of the basic concepts of unarmed self-defense is creating distance between you and your attacker. This can be done vertically or horizontally. In this video, PDN Contributor Cecil Burch demonstrates a horizontal displacement move called the hip escape. It comes from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is also known as shrimping. It can be used if…

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  • Home Self Defense: The Unexpected Stranger

    Home Defense: The Unexpected Stranger

    If someone you don’t know knocks on your door when you’re not expecting anyone, what should you do? Kelly Muir, founder of “Be the Wrong Woman,” starts by addressing the security of the door itself and moves on to the question of “stay or go,” maintaining a secure room, problems with hiding places, and fighting…

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  • Weak-Side Pocket Carry

    Weak-Side Pocket Carry

    Three reasons exist for going to a backup gun: the primary gun malfunctions, runs out of ammo, or can’t be accessed. Carrying a backup gun in your weak-side back pocket is useful in the third situation, when the primary is inaccessible. The backup can still be reached with either hand and brought into action. Rob…

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  • Presentation From A Purse Holster

    Presentation From A Purse Holster

    GMA Instructor Amanda Barron demonstrates the proper technique for drawing a firearm from a purse holster. Be sure to have the gun secured inside the purse, so it’s not flopping around loose, which prevents you from accessing it quickly. Amanda shows both one- and two-handed firing grips. Once you learn the correct technique, practice it…

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  • Different Ways for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

    Different Ways for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

    GMA Director Chris Juelich explains the strategy behind GMA’s Firearms Expo, events that are held at the eight GMA facilities throughout the year. There is no admittance fee and no charge to rent firearms, which manufacturers bring so that shooters can try out their products. Ammunition is also donated by manufacturers. It’s a perfect opportunity…

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