The 2017 PDN Training Tour Launch!

We kicked off the 2017 PDN Training Tour yesterday with an outstanding course in St. Augustine, FL. 15 Students were on the line for the 1 day Combat Focus Shooting Course which focused on developed intuitive defensive shooting skills.

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The Neuroscience of Practice and Training (Video)

This is a 5 minute video of at TED-Ed worth watching to get a better understanding of the neurophysiology behind valuable “practice”. The Neuroscience of practice and training in general is a field that I have studied in great detail over the last 10-15 years. I think understanding the objective WHY behind techniques, gear and… Read more »

Ultimate Gear Package Giveaway

Want $9,607.11 worth of guns, gear, accessories, training, clothing and ammo? It can all be yours by entering here. That might be all you needed to know…but, here’s more information anyway: Personal Defense Network and I have teamed up with the cream of the crop companies in the shooting industry to bring you a prize… Read more »

Distance Education Through Our Expanded PDN Academy!

You might have noticed that we’ve expanded PDN Academy recently by adding a few classes to the offerings at the PDN Academy Distance Education Page. These three new courses are just the beginning of the dramatically expanded catalogue we have planned for 2017. I’ve long been a believer in the concept of distance education, especially… Read more »

FK Brno 7.5 Review, My Exclusive First Look: Part I

As I posted Friday on Social Media, I’m in Europe because I was offered an opportunity to conduct an evaluation of the FK BRNO 7.5 handgun and ammunition. It started with a Facebook Message a few days ago asking me to give someone a call. That message came from Chad at Bullseye Guns in Jacksonville,… Read more »

Good Samaritan Checklist

Far too often, however, an attempt to intervene only makes things worse. Intervening at the wrong time or in the wrong way can put you, your family and your legal standing at risk. It can also endanger others in the area or even escalate the danger to the person you were trying to help. How can you avoid making things worse?

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Diversify Your Self-Defense

Commit yourself now to the reality of your responsibility to protect yourself and those you care about in a worst-case scenario. If you’re reading this, I assume you already think you’ve accepted that reality. But have you committed to being able to do it without your preferred tools? Have you committed to being able to… Read more »

Do Your Standards Have Integrity?

I’ve been saying for a long time that all such “standards” are made up and ultimately Subjective…. and therefore, not important… certainly not as important as so many people make them out to be.

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Critical Thinking About Safe Appendix Carry

“Safe Appendix Carry” is clearly an option.Only you can decide if this method is a good choice for you, but you should be sure to approach the question with logic and rational thinking, with a clear understanding of the concepts and techniques involved. Carrying any firearm entails risk. Critical thinking is the best way to mitigate those risks.