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Kimber EVO Pistol… it works!

I haven't done very many "1000 Round Reviews" in my life. I honestly can't remember any other attempt to do one that went so flawlessly. That is really saying something. I am very impressed Kimber EVO. The example I have is a great gun. I'd carry it for defensive use. I wouldn't be afraid to trust it to protect myself or anyone I care about it in a defensive situation. That's something I never thought I'd be able to say about a stock Kimber.

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Meet the New Hosts of Training Talk: Deryck Poole and Barret Kendrick

A new era of Training Talk launches this week at Personal Defense Network, co-hosted by Deryck Poole and Barret Kendrick. Almost exactly three years ago, PDN launched our twice monthly live discussion show covering all aspects of personal defense and safety training and preparation. Long time PDN Contributor, Instructor and Author Grant Cunningham hosted the…

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2018’s 3 Best PDN Articles for the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Student

In several past Decembers, I’ve listed the articles and videos that I’ve thought were the best of the preceding year. This year, I’ve singled out 3 articles that I are important for any student of personal defense. As the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network, I have already approved any of the content you see…

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“Should Versus Could” discussion on Armed American Radio

Yesterday, I spoke for an hour with Mark Walters about two shootings of shoplifters. Embedded in the discussion was the incredibly important issue of " Should versus Could " and our responsibility as armed people to use force only when needed. In the latter case, the shooter was (rightfully) charged with murder. In NY, the bad guy was shot as he was jumping over the counter AT the armed good guy

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Coming Soon: William Aprill’s new series “They Are Not You”

William is one of the most thoughtful and articulate educators in the world of self-defense and his new series of contributions to this blog will be informative, enlightening and, I truly believe, compelling in regard to motivating people to be as prepared as possible to defend themselves and those they care about from violence. One of the most important lessons that William taught me many years ago was that you can't worry about trying to make sense of why someone is trying to (or about to try to) hurt you... you just have to respond.

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“Protecting Your Homestead”… New Best Selling Book from the host of PDN’s Training Talk !

Members and Frequent visitors of Personal Defense Network (PDN) know the value that longtime Contributor, Grant Cunningham, brings with his work in front of PDN cameras in video clips and as host of the popular semi-monthly internet broadcast of PDN’s Training Talk Live! Grant has provided PDN viewers and subscribers with insightful commentary and demonstrations…

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Avoiding Emotional Responses

I often post in about people who let their emotions get the best of them in situations where they get sucked into confrontations that they could have (SHOULD have) avoided. Usually, those posts involve tragedies where people searching their homes with guns shoot family members or where people who used guns inappropriately get indicted or convicted of crimes. Think about these types of things Ahead of Time so that you might avoid emotional responses!

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2017 Shooter’s Summit online Training Conference

Today is the last day of a FREE Online virtual training conference that I am proud to be a part of, The 2017 Shooter’s Summit. This event has been going on for the past week and has featured 31 Shooting Instructors, Experts in Armed Defense Topics, Competition Shooters, Shooting Community Influencers and Personal Defense Educators…

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