Two Person Armed Defense: Course Review from the PDN Training Tour

One of the more unique courses that was taught in a few locations across the country was I.C.E. Training’s Two Person Armed Defense. A Team Tactics Course specifically designed for the everyday person who spends a lot of time with other people who are armed. It is not a fantasy camp class where students pretend to be SWAT Team Members or perform bounding overwatch across open ranges with burning cars and smoke grenades creating great photo ops, but no practical value.

Rights and Responsibilities… Our First President Agrees.

Merely having a gun is not enough… and having that gun incurs an obligation to train, practice, properly prevent unauthorized access and to present as little danger to others as possible through our firearms ownership and use. Avoid conflict when we can, deescalate when the option exists and be prepared to use force when necessary to protect ourselves or others.

What Can We Learn from the Castile Shooting?

Last year, at the beginning of a series of tragic shootings and senseless violence against police officers around the country, a police officer in Minnesota shot a legally armed man. That man was Philando Castile and I think that there are some things we can learn from the Castile shooting. If the aftermath of last

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Partnership with USCCA!

I am incredibly excited about the collaboration between Personal Defense Network and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA). I am proud to announce that I will be serving as an Advisor to the USCCA’s Training Division and that we’ve already started the process of adding our approach to Defensive Shooting Instruction to the USCCA’s offerings.

PDN Training Tour Course Review

Last week in Ohio, a long time Gun Writer, Firearms Instructor and Law Enforcement Officer attended one of the our 2017 PDN Training Tour Courses and shared his thoughts on the experience at The Firing Pen

New Jersey Concealed Carry? It can happen…

The expansion of Shall Issue & Constitutional Carry Laws has occurred at the State Level because the gun owning populations of most States have not given up. I hope that the gun owners of New Jersey, California, New York, Massachusetts and every other State will continue to fight until we have a true representation of “Shall Not Be Infringed” nationwide


It appears AR Pistols are once again “legal” to shoulder. There had been some strong rumors circulating for the past week or so that the BATFE was going to announce that they were clarifying their position and reversing the impression that had been left in the community that by simply pushing an AR Pistol against your torso and putting your check on the buffer tube you were committing a felony by de facto “constructing” an illegal Short Barreled Rifle.

pdn training tour class

2017 PDN Training Tour

The 2017 PDN Training Tour is a little less than a month in, and we’ve already offered courses in 10 states across the country! We have over 75 classes left to go during the next few months, and we’ll be at about 50 more locations. Our team of instructors is more diverse than ever this

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