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Realtors arm themselves ‘just in case’

A recently released 2018 report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that 33 percent of those surveyed experienced a situation that made them fear for their safety. Five percent reported they’d been the victim of a crime while working in the real estate industry. That has lead to leaders of the organization to…

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Chaotic “Officer in Trouble” call raises so many questions!

A recent article on Active Response Training’s website titled “A Cautionary Tale for CCW Permit Carriers” is one that as citizen defenders and firearms concealed carriers, we all need to read and absorb. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE Uniformed officers responding to the scene, a female shoplifter yelling “rape” while a plain clothes officer attempts…

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Real World Experience?

Real world experience can certainly be a key part of helping a teacher to teach, but does your definition of real world experience match what you think it does? Do you mean real world experience in the subject, or real world experience teaching the subject?

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LIVE Training Videos: Reality Based Training, Shooting Skills & Vehicle Defense

As you can imagine, the technology to bring live training videos, especially straight from actual classes, opens up a plethora of opportunities to share important imformation in a timely manner or in situations that a traditional production route can't support. It also tends to be a little more casual and open up unexpected variables in a way that our normal video shoots simply don't allow for... which can make them as fun and entertaining as they are educational!

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A call to a Training Evolution in 2016

Throughout everything we do in life, there is a constant sense of progression; something that encourages us to “be more.” Every day we are evolving, in some aspect of our lives, we strive to be or do better than the day before. Are you ready for a Training Evolution?

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Holiday Safety and Security

The Holiday Season is a time for family, relaxation, tradition and considering the many things we are thankful for. Unfortunately, for some of the more unsavory characters in society, the holidays are a time to take advantage of those who let their guard down. The good news is that we don’t need to change what we do on a regular basis to keep out loved ones safe...

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