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SFD-Responder 2.0 Ankle Medical Kit

The SFD-Responder 2.0 ankle medical kit is for Rob Pincus the most convenient way to carry the important medical equipment he knows he should have with him all the time. At PDN we consider a medical kit worn on the body to be an essential component of self-defense gear. The SFD-Responder 2.0 ankle medical kit…

Self Defense Medicine + DVD

You Get with Your Class:

  • In-depth Instruction; Over 100 minutes
  • On-demand video access anytime
  • Indefinite access. Pay once, view forever
  • DVD copy mailed (FREE SHIPPING in U.S.A.)
  • Bonus materials, including printable supplement
  • Access to Class-only Q&A with Instructors

5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch

For years, Rob Pincus has been insisting that every certified instructor in any program he teaches, and anyone affiliated with PDN who is running a range, have an emergency medical kit out on the range with them. 5.11 UCR IFAK Pouch For the entire 2018 PDN Training Tour, Rob’s emergency medical kit of choice was…

Tourniquets: Tactical Medical Solutions

Old-school thinking held that if a tourniquet were used on an extremity wound, the injured person would lose that limb. That has been shown to be incorrect, and tourniquets are now in the first-aid kits of medics on battlefields and streets worldwide.

What Should Be in Your First-Aid Kit Contents

You would never rely on a defensive tool like a firearm or pepper spray without knowing how to use it. The same goes for medical gear, as well as all your self-defense tools and accessories. The time to learn about your first-aid kit contents is now, before you need them. At the start of every…

Integrating Medical Knowledge Into Combative Wisdom

“Experience is only good if you learn from it.” Humans are a unique biological system. When placed in the context of defending itself, a human characteristically attacks and defends itself based on a complicated series of generational learning and unique anatomy and physiological constructs. In the initial evaluation, a human does not look very threatening…

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Roadside Emergency Kit: Medical Equipment for a Vehicle

Rob is at the PDN Training Tour Truck to discuss keeping emergency medical equipment in a vehicle. We may want to render aid after a traffic accident, defensive situation, or other incident where people need help. The roadside emergency kit should be staged so it can be quickly and easily accessed. Rob’s roadside emergency kit…

Tourniquet Dry Fire

Ask any professional shooting competitor or firearms instructor worth their salt and they’ll tell you how important it is to conduct as much dry-fire practice as you can. Every step of the process — from drawstroke to presentation of the firearm, sight alignment/picture, and trigger pull is just as important as the others. Even those…

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SFD Responder Ankle Medical Kit

Everyone who takes their personal defense and the protection of their loved ones seriously knows it’s a great idea to have an emergency medical kit close at hand when you’re in a public space or in your workplace, vehicle, or home. In the past that wasn’t always convenient — but the SFD Responder is a…