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Primary Arms First Aid Pouch

Rob Pincus
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A first-aid pouch is an essential piece of defensive gear. We take a look at the Primary Arms First Aid Pouch, a great medical kit pouch that is accessible, versatile, and affordable.

It’s easily identifiable as a first-aid pouch by the red cross patch sewn on the front. It’s MOLLE and PALS compatible, with MOLLE webbing on the front and rigid straps on the back.


What medical gear should you put in the pouch and how easy is it to access? Like most pouches, the Primary Arms First Aid Pouch is sold empty. You fill it with the emergency medical gear of your choice.

Because of its clamshell design, gear in the Primary Arms First Aid Pouch is very easy to access. Make sure that emergency trauma gear is the most accessible/easiest to reach. That includes a tourniquet, pressure dressing, gloves, gauze for wound packing, chest seals, and scissors/cutters. Gear that you don’t immediately need in an emergency can be stored in a separate zippered compartment.

When the First Aid Pouch is laid flat, it forms a work area and a place to put small items so you don’t lose them. Consider adding an LED light to the inside, or attach a flashlight to the front MOLLE straps.


The First Aid Pouch is set up to be secure but easy to open. It also has a tearaway pad on the back. This is perfect for attaching the pouch to the back of the headrest of a car seat. Pull the bag by its handle to detach and go.

You can also hang the pouch on a hook, for example in your home or office.

Here at PDN, we have numerous videos and articles about tactical emergency medicine, including this video about what to put in a tactical first-aid kit, if you want more details about a kit’s contents.

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