Active Shooter Response DVD




DVD: Active Shooter Response

Rob Pincus discusses the most appropriate responses for the average person caught in an Active Shooter Situation in a public environment. Unfortunately, the modern phenomenon of the spree killer acting in areas where they perceive a high concentration of victims is something that everyone who carries a firearms in public (or keeps one for defensive purposes in their workplace or vehicle) needs to think about. Rob provides an overview of potential responses and discusses the most responsible tactical options. 56 minutes.


  • Definition of “Active Shooter”
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement During an Active Shooter Situation
  • Evasion in a Public Space
  • Cover
  • Unarmed Response During an Active Shooter Situation
  • Using a Firearm in a Crowd Situation
  • Assisting Others During an Active Shooter Situation
  • Encouraging Others to Help Themselves
  • Responding to an Active Shooter with a Long Gun