Shooting in Defense of Others DVD


Item: K5158R


DVD: Shooting in Defense of Others

Often, people are compelled to act in defense of others with their concealed carry firearm without ever having trained for that moment or carefully considered the tactics and ramifications of their actions. Rob Pincus covers this important topic in great detail by discussing typical scenarios and specific training drills. 69 minutes.


  • Precision Shooting in Defense of Others
  • Accommodating Different Skill Levels During Drills
  • Precision in the Midst of a Defensive Situation
  • Shooting in Defense of Others Drills
  • Shooting in Defense of a Child
  • Training Realistically to Control Others While Shooting
  • Moving Through a Crowd to Defend Others
  • Perceived Penalty for a Miss
  • BONUS: Shooting from Inside a Vehicle
    BONUS: Precision Defensive Shooting with a Long Gun