Advanced Pistol Handling DVD


Item: K5014R


DVD: Advanced Pistol Handling

Rob Pincus addresses one handed (Strong and Weak) shooting, one handed (Strong and Weak) reloading, the industry changing Non-Diagnostic Malfunction Drill and several other aspects of pistol handling that could save your life in a true worst case scenario. In addition to teaching the techniques, this video provides a basis for practicing them on any live fire range. If you’ve already developed your fundamental shooting skills, you’re ready for this video! 66 minutes.


  • Consistent, Efficient Weapons Handling: The Overhand Method
  • Variations in Handgun Design
  • 360-Degree Presentation From the Holster
  • Common Types of Holsters
  • Reloading During a Critical Incident
  • One-Handed Reload
  • Malfunctions
  • Training for Reloads and Malfunction Clearing
  • One-Handed Shooting and Final Thoughts
  • BONUS: Real-Life Critical Incident
    BONUS: Reactive Targets