Mike Centola

Defensive Rifle Hand Positions

Mike Centola
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Duration:   1  mins

Rob Pincus is with rifle specialist Mike Centola of Allstar Tactical to discuss where the support hand should be placed on a long gun. Mike demonstrates a few positions and talks about what situations they might be used in. Both Mike and Rob agree that different circumstances will dictate different hand positions, and personal preference will influence support-hand placement on a rifle.

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5 Responses to “Defensive Rifle Hand Positions”

  1. Earl

    When using the grip on the fore stock, be sure to bring the elbow directly under the weapon for better stability. (Something I learned shooting M1 Garands years ago). Your arm tends to get tired if you don't support the weapon this way.

  2. Kestrel

    Nice video, and I like the fact that you recognize that both the situation and personal preference will come into play when choosing a support hand position. I have heard a lot of folks say they don't like the vertical grip. I'm not necessarily a fan either, however I use a vertical grip with a built-in bipod, so that I have the option of that bipod position anywhere I go. However, there is a weight penalty with that configuration, and I do begrudge that added weight... Anyway, please keep the great instructional videos coming!

  3. Bearcat

    Good video! Addresses something that many new shooters want to know and why. Way to go, PDN!

  4. Ernie White

    I like the advice giving in these video

  5. Dude Bro

    I lika when she go chickidy bang bang bang

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