Grant Cunningham

Efficient Defensive Fitness Concepts

Grant Cunningham
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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus and Grant Cunningham discuss what people can do to get into shape with the goal of staying safer. The vital areas are diet—looking at food as fuel and the ways that different types of food/fuel affect the body—and physical activity that increases flexibility, range of motion and stamina to build the power we need in a fight.

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3 Responses to “Efficient Defensive Fitness Concepts”

  1. Art

    being a baby boomer, and having gone through stage 3 cancer and open heart, with arthritis in just about every joint, building strength through weight lifting for strength is what is needed. some sort of aerobic exercise is also important. lifting weights will not make you look like a body builder and is used a lot to help us old people gain strength at any age. to look like a body builder takes a lot of time and reps. women will react the same way. to get to look like a body builder takes more time and reps than most of us have. i agree with the starches, keep them very limited, protein and vegetables are the answer. take it from some one that dropped 100 lbs but did not eat enough protein and eat my muscles to supply the body. as for the arthritis well move or lose it, as they say. the gun is the equalizer, muscle and size can out do even a well trained fighter that is why they have weight classes. of course good reflexes pay big dividends also. that can make the ultimate difference and even out class strength and size. so genetics play a big role but you can always have a well trained trigger finger but do not skip the protein or exercise. that is why we have equalizers. we all can not spend 4 hours a day training. i have been there and done it but not anymore.

  2. Blackout

    What about us babyboomers that are not only aging, but also sometimes hampered by disabilities?

  3. Amy Potter

    Take it up one more notch. The next level of self is not just fuel, it has the power to be defense against illness and has the power to cause disease. Food is energetically and physically what you actually are. It is the first weakness (next to dehydration...water, wow that's a whole additional big subject) and the best line of defense. Food is neglected first in most folks' self defense plan, and is the easiest (and hardest) part of real situational awareness. If you are really nourishing yourself with food choices, you are winning the game. PS. I teach yoga to martial artists.

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