Alessandro Padovani

Knife Training and Knife Grips

Alessandro Padovani
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Duration:   1  mins

Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense works with you on knife training and demonstrates how to grip a knife in a defensive context. He shows the three ways to grip a knife. The hammer grip, where you hold the knife as if it were a hammer, is a strong grip but you lose some dexterity. In the Filipino or fencer grip, put your thumb on the spine of the knife. This grip offers reach and dexterity and is an intuitive way to use the knife. The reverse grip gives less reach but is also a strong grip. Take advantage of this knife training today.

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5 Responses to “Knife Training and Knife Grips”

  1. C Woj

    I would actually prefer a knife within certain distances. I do have my ccw and always carry,but sometimes a knife is better. I guess it helps that I studied bakbakan and sayoc systems.

  2. Richard Blake

    From my 40 years as a police/ armed security officer and all the training that I have attended I can truly say knowledge replaces fear but pay attention to what your instincts are telling you, go with it with out hesitation and with this training you should come out on top, it's the best I have watched and read with PDN.

  3. michael

    how about the 4th option? reverse grip (which i have always called filipino) edge in rather than edge out. southnarc teaches this with shivworks fixed blades.

  4. Michael

    I believe it's important to be skilled in all aspects personal protection. This includes edge weapons training, hand-to-hand, ground survival and real-world shooting training this gives you the best chance of surviving in today's society. I pray you never have to use any of the skills but if I do I will win

  5. Ernie42

    I have never used a knife in a fight. I have had a few pulled on me but my Karate training got me out of them. I am now to old to use that training at age of almost 71 in December. So I got my ccw training & have been carring for almost 6 years now.

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