Ken Murray

Tools of Reality-Based Training

Ken Murray
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Duration:   3  mins

What tools can we use within a reality-based training framework? Ken Murray discusses rubber guns, airsoft guns, laser beams, marking cartridges, protective gear, and well-trained role players. He also touches on what we can and cannot do with conventional munitions. Another important component to reality-based training is “Theater of the Mind”—imagining ourselves in bad situations and how we would respond.

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2 Responses to “Tools of Reality-Based Training”

  1. James Bliehall

    "Realistic-training" and the targets all stay motionless?? Really??? My targets move when I train LEO's and the military.

  2. Ernie42

    I like these ideas. I have use a BB pistol in my home shooting into a large cardboard box with a target tape to it. I stuff box with old newspapers so the BB's don't come the other side.

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