Alisha Ketter

Defensive Handgun Training for Women

Alisha Ketter
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Alisha Ketter, a Defensive Firearms Coach at Reno Guns & Range, focuses primarily on women’s handgun training. Most of the women who come to RG&R for training come in after a critical incident. They have experienced something in their life that makes it useful for them to explore self-defense for women. Alisha’s role is to help women get the training they need.

Be Your Own First Responder

Like many of these women, Alisha had kept a gun under her bed but didn’t know how to use it. Then her home was robbed — twice. After the second robbery, the responding sheriff’s deputy told Alisha she needed to carry a gun, because he wasn’t going to be there until after the incident (whatever the incident was) and she needed to be her own first responder.

This advice changed Alisha’s life. She developed the mindset of being her own first responder. This led to her becoming a women’s handgun training instructor, as she developed a passion for helping women who were in the same position she had been in.

Taking the Responsibility Seriously

The first step is to get solid defensive firearms training. Alisha admits it was intimidating at first to go to a range, and to join firearms classes where she was the only woman and sometimes the only private citizen. But her commitment to her family’s safety and protection remained the most important consideration.

She encourages other women to do the same: get good handgun training and don’t let your commitment waver. No one is coming to save you: You’re it.

A Few Words for Men

Alisha encourages men not to train the ladies in their life because she has observed that it usually doesn’t work out well. But men can help a woman find competent women’s handgun training, and later you can practice together.

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2 Responses to “Defensive Handgun Training for Women”

  1. Richard

    I think the point of the video is to encourage women to adopt the mindset that they need to be prepared to defend themselves should the need arise and to seek out the training to develop the skills needed...I didn't see it as self promotion...

  2. Michael

    Little information - I don`t look for self-promotions when I watch videos.

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