Alisha Ketter

Proper Handgun Manipulations

Alisha Ketter
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One of the most important issues to stress with new shooters who are learning how to shoot a gun is the aggressiveness needed to manipulate a handgun. Defensive Firearms Coach Alisha Ketter explains why and shows how to do it.

Many new shooters come in to their first handgun training session feeling timid. They don’t know what to do and they’re very soft with the guns. This is not the way to learn how to shoot a gun. All shooting instructors should ensure that the new shooter has a strong and stable platform in terms of their body positioning and confident, aggressive movements when manipulating the handgun. The gun needs that to function.

How the Gun Works

When the trigger is pulled, the gun essentially has a small explosion inside it that sends the slide backwards. If the shooter tries to cushion that blow, the gun will not cycle correctly. The shooter needs to give the gun a firm platform to push back against, meaning a solid stance and a firm grip by both hands on the gun. All movements need to be aggressive, whether you are conducting shooting drills or shooting in defense of your life.

Inserting Magazines

Another aspect of learning how to shoot a gun is that we need to be aggressive when inserting a magazine into the handgun and then racking the slide. Daintily pressing the magazine into the magazine well doesn’t work. The magazine needs to be seated well. The slide has to come back to compress the spring and chamber a round effectively. Doing it gently does not work.

Alisha illustrates this by reloading the handgun with firm, powerful movements. Seating the magazine allows the gun to function, but you can’t easily put it in. You have to force it in, rack the slide, and engage the target.

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5 Responses to “Proper Handgun Manipulations”

  1. Jack

    Good to see a lady using a firearm and instructing. The range can be an intimidating place for first timers or ladies and it shouldn't be. I love to see the ladies at the range.

  2. Mark

    Good presentation. Use of a firearm or any weapon requires a state of confidence and control. My constructive feedback would be to replace the term “force” with terms such as firmly, positively, etc., as one should never force a mechanism into place. If “forced” something is probably wrong.

  3. m

    Smooth reload but a nagging question. At the 1:09 reload mark, the individual demonstrating the reload, brings the magazine to the gun rounds facing backwards and then twists the magazine forward before inserting for the reload. Is this just their style or am I missing something?

  4. Vic vapor

    she's good.!!

  5. rickcross

    Wow, I feel kinda bad not knowing at least the instructors first name since I'm commenting about her technique... I'm a CFP instructor in Las Vegas, Nevada (VegasStrong!) for the last eight years and an NRA instructor for two-thirds of that and SHE shows EXCELLENT form! Right away while watching the video I could tell she was very experienced. Her movements are direct and fluid without being too fast. I teach my students when in the first learning curves, "Slow is Smooth, but Smooth is FAST!" For the last four years, a lot of my classes have comprise of half women (sometimes by themselves - they're husband/other didn't want to come! Akkk!). This instructor is an INSPIRATION to all women out there that they CAN learn to handle a handgun safely, competently, and proficiently. Keep up the great work! I've purchased a lot of video sets from Personal Defense Network and this is a good reason why! Rick Cross Be Safe Firearms Instruction Nevada & Utah Certified CFP Instructor - 8th Year Certified Sabre Civilian Defense Spray Instructor Multi-Certified NRA Instructor and Lifetime Member #082605371 Las Vegas, Nevada. Mobile: (702) 275-1625

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