• 3:38

    Winchester 12-Gauge Defender Ammo

    PDN viewers know Rob Pincus recommends the Winchester Defender line of ammunition for personal defense and training. In this video, Rob is joined by PDN Contributor Jerah Hutchins of Clearing the Chamber to demonstrate the importance of patterning a defensive shotgun to enhance training. PATTERNING … NOT JUST FOR WATERFOWL The round being patterned is…

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  • 5:32

    Gel Test: Winchester Defender 20-Gauge 2¾” Slug

    Using a standard FBI ballistic gelatin block, Rob Pincus tests the Winchester Defender 20-Gauge 2¾” Segmented Slug to evaluate its suitability as a defensive round. ADVANTAGES OF 20-GAUGE SHOTGUNS Rob prefers the 20-gauge shotgun to the 12-gauge for home defense or any building, workplace or other area where a security officer may have a shotgun…

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  • 2:54

    20-Gauge Shotgun Loads: Slug vs Buckshot

    The “buckshot vs slug” question has often been discussed in terms of 12-gauge loads, but in this video, Rob Pincus uses 20-gauge shotgun loads because there aren’t as many specialty loads with controlled expansion or controlled spread of the buckshot. Also the buckshot that is commonly available in 20 gauge isn’t as heavy of an…

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  • 6:46

    FN P-12 Shotgun

    The 12-gauge pump-action shotgun is ubiquitous in the defensive market and in police cruisers. FN’s version, the FN P-12, is a weapon you can rely on for home defense or patrol use. We do some shotgun training with the P-12 to see how it performs. No Ordinary 12 Gauge The FN name is associated with…

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  • Part 5: Gun Storage and Storing Firearms

    Part 5: Gun Storage and Storing Firearms

    Once you have decided to keep a firearm in your home for family defense, one of the first things to deal with is where to stage that firearm. The three main factors to consider for gun storage are the layout of your home, the likely movement of an attacker, and the likely places you will…

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  • The Myth of 'Racking' the Tactical Shotgun

    The Myth of ‘Racking’ the Tactical Shotgun

    One of the biggest myths about home defense is that the sound of a homeowner racking a round into the chamber of a tactical shotgun will magically scare away any bad guys. Rob Pincus is on the range not just to debunk this myth, but also to explain what your home-defense and tactical shotgun plans…

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  • LaserLyte Center Mass Universal Shotgun Trainer

    LaserLyte Center Mass Universal Shotgun Trainer

    The LaserLyte Universal Shotgun Trainer is an economical and convenient training tool that you can use in any environment to practice with your 20 or 12 gauge defensive shotgun. The unique “center mass” pattern represents the spread of a typical shotgun pellet round on your target and the UST can be used with any paper…

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  • Shotgun Ammo Types and Considerations

    Shotgun Ammo Types and Considerations

    The shotgun is the most versatile firearms design because of the great variety of ammunition that is available for it. In any gauge (size) of shotgun, you will be able to find dozens of types of shotgun ammo. The variety of shot loads, power and sizes can be very intimidating when it comes time to…

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  • Using Two Types of Ammo in Kel-Tec KSG

    Using Two Types of Ammo in Kel-Tec KSG

    A big advantage of the Kel-Tec KSG Compact Shotgun for defensive purposes is its two feed tubes, which make it possible to have two different kinds of ammunition on board the weapon at the same time. Simply operate a manual lever to switch between feed tubes. Rob Pincus demonstrates this capability by putting 00 buckshot…

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