Alessandro Padovani

Safer, Faster Knife Defense Class + DVD & Tactical Knife

Alessandro Padovani
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Safer, Faster Knife Defense Class + DVD & Tactical Knife
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Meet your instructor, Alessandro Padovani, a multi-disciplined defensive skills instructor and founder of Safer Faster Defense. Alessandro provides the background and context for the Safer, Faster Knife Defense class, which combines mental preparedness and physical techniques to fully prepare students to defend themselves and others.
All knives are not created equal. When it comes to choosing a knife to carry for defensive use, there are several important characteristics to consider. This Session compares a variety of fixed blade and folding knife designs, and provides a detailed breakdown of the critical components to consider in selecting a defensive knife, including ergonomics, blade geometry, opening and locking mechanisms, carry method, and more. With what you learn here, you’ll have what you need to select the defensive knife that’s right for you.
How you grip your defensive knife affects your technique for stopping a threat. It may also affect how you set up, carry and deploy the knife from concealment as well. Alessandro demonstrates three of the most common grip techniques and explains the advantages, disadvantages and application for each grip method.
This Session addresses important considerations in deciding how and where to carry a defensive knife. The most common method is strong side carry, typically with a folding blade clipped inside a pants pocket. You’ll see other methods to consider and learn why they may be more advantageous in certain applications.
Contrary to the structured stances used in some competitive fighting techniques, the Safer Faster Knife Defense stance utilizes the body’s natural reaction to a physical attack. Alessandro demonstrates such a reaction and explains how to integrate a knife into this intuitive response, using proper body mechanics to generate power with each defensive strike.
Perhaps the most critical component in knife defense is the draw. The style of knife you carry, your method of concealment, your preferred grip all go hand-in-hand with the way in which you draw your knife. Here you’ll learn two typical methods of drawing a knife from concealment, called the Stealth Draw, typically used when a threat is recognized, and Combat Draw, which is used in response to an unknown threat or ambush. Alessandro demonstrates each draw technique and provides a variety of scenarios and examples of situations in which each may be applicable.
In this Session, Alessandro, with the help of a training partner, demonstrates the use and advantage of taking a prepared but non-violent posture when confronted by an aggressor. Such a stance puts the hands in a non-threatening position, ready to act as a shield to fend off a strike. Additionally, many examples of specific pre-contact cues are discussed and demonstrated. By observing an aggressor’s demeanor and subtle physical movements, pre-emptive action can be taken from a non-violent stance, to stop an attack before it escalates.
Here you’ll learn the most vulnerable and valuable target areas for stopping an attacker with the use of a knife. Understanding how to damage and disable specific vascular and mechanical targets, like muscles, nerves, and tendons, and how damage to these areas may affect a threat’s ability to continue an attack, can help students design their training and skill development efforts for maximum effectiveness.
This Session brings it all together. Alessandro Padovani works with a training partner to demonstrate a progression of knife tactics, utilizing different strike angles and trajectories, knife grips, slashes and stabs, and focusing on delivering maximum torque and power with each defensive strike. An impact-sensitive training knife is used, emitting light to indicate a significant slash or stab and providing valuable training feedback.
Defending one’s self with a knife involves more than physical skill. A person’s confidence in their skills can be negatively affected by the unique emotional aspect of using a knife to incapacitate another human being, even in a defensive context, often eliciting feelings of hesitation or apprehension. This Session addresses this natural reaction and offers tips for mental preparation as part of your defensive knife training practice.
Left unchecked, fear of being harmed by an aggressor can turn to panic, adding to the chaos of a violent attack and resulting in irrational behavior. Instead, training to accept that fear is normal and learning to use fear to our defensive advantage can be empowering. This Session examines the effects of fear and provides ways of preparing for, controlling and managing fear for defensive effectiveness.
The principles of the Safer, Faster Knife Defense class, and in particular the Clear, Control, Counter and Closest Weapon to Closest Target drills come together in a fluid hand-to-hand training exercise between two training partners. Practicing the skills learned throughout the class in a spontaneous and unchoreographed manner develops an ability to recognize and react to targets presented by an aggressor’s actions.
This Session provides techniques for fending off an attack either before accessing a defensive tool or if a defensive tool is not at hand by clearing the line of attack, controlling the attacker’s weapon, and countering with defensive strikes and other means. Once control is gained enough to access a defensive knife, the Closest Weapon to Closest Target drill develops the ability to spontaneously recognize strike points to stop the threat. Following the drills presented in this Session develops the ability to think dynamically and react quickly in the chaos of an attack.
13 Lessons
3  hrs 6  mins

This class bundle includes over 3 hours of video instruction. In addition, you’ll get a tactical knife, which as a compact 3-inch blade folds into a 4-inch handle, making this a right-sized tactical knife that’s at home taking on tasks in the outdoors, on the jobsite, or in the office. This knife has a value of $40 when sold separately.

This “Safer, Faster Knife Defense” class delivers critical instruction, including training demonstrations and expert insight for anyone seeking to acquire the mental confidence and physical skills to use a knife for their own protection.

Whether used as a primary defensive tool or secondary “force multiplier,” knives offer unique advantages over other defensive tools, making this one-of-a-kind training well worth the commitment.

From knife selection and mental readiness to physical techniques and practice drills, Safer Faster Knife Defense is one of the most comprehensive presentations on the subject, taught by one of the foremost experts in the field, Alessandro Padovani. Alessandro is a multi-disciplined personal defense instructor, teaching both armed and unarmed defensive skills as the founder of Safer Faster Defense. A native of Italy, now living in California, Alessandro’s training is sought by private students and professionals worldwide.

Safer Faster Knife Defense teaches both mental preparedness and physical techniques, from mindset and managing fear, to knife grip, stance, carry methods, and targeted knife strikes for quickly ending a violent physical attack. Also included are techniques for non-violent posture when encountering a threat, and knife defense training drills for at-home practice alone or with a training partner.

Plus, three bonus videos provide a behind-the-scenes perspective on the value of knife defense as part of an overall personal defense training plan, as well as an insightful interview with class instructor Alessandro Padovani and an explanation of the defensive training knife used in the production of this class.

Kershaw RJ Tactical 3.0 Knife

The RJ Tactical 3.0 is a classic collaboration between custom knifemaker RJ Martin and Kershaw’s blade engineers. It offers tactical RJ style—versatile drop-point blade, top and bottom grind, and comfortably contoured handle.

The handle is durable glass-filled nylon with comfortable finger contours and a matte look. The handle also offers heavy back jimping for an extra-secure grip. The RJ Tactical 3.0 opens with SpeedSafe assisted opening and the built-in flipper. A locking liner secures the blade open during use. It includes a reversible pocketclip for left- or right-handed carry in this good-looking tactical knife.

Alessandro Padovani

Alessandro Padovani has been practicing Martial Arts since childhood. This passion and quest for better ways to prepare for self-defense brought him to Blauer Tactical Systems, where he became a Personal Defense Readiness Instructor in 2007. He has also taught defensive firearms classes for Delta Firearms Academy and is currently a Combat Focus Shooting and I.C.E. Training instructor as well as a CrossFit trainer. In 2011, he started Safer Faster Defense with the mission of giving clients the knowledge and tools to stay safe and prevail in dangerous situations through education and training. In 2012 he finished developing the Safer Faster Knife Defense program which provides a simple and intuitive knife training program that quickly makes students more confident and efficient in deploying and using a knife for personal protection. Alessandro is also known for the programs he has developed with others: FitShot, which strives to inspire a higher level of fitness in the shooting community, and the Reality Based Training Instructor Development course for civilian firearms instructors. You can learn more about Safer Faster Knife Defense and contact Alessandro through his website at

Alessandro Padovani

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