Rob Pincus

Benchmade Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool

Rob Pincus
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The Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool is available from Benchmade and is a great tool for first responders who have to pull someone from a vehicle, or get into a vehicle themselves in an emergency. It’s also ideal for EMTs to cut clothing so they can reach wounds, because the safety hook cutter is not a blade.

This safety hook cutter on the Houdini Pro can cut through seatbelts efficiently to facilitate escape from a vehicle that has overturned, is underwater, or any other situation where the occupants are trapped.

Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool Features

The handle area is large and easy to hold on to, offering a lot of leverage. It has a thumb stud for assisted opening and a large hook. The bright yellow color makes it easy to find in the dark and to spot if dropped among foliage.

Like other self-defense tools, the Houdini Pro is more suited to some roles than others. It is not the kind of tool to carry on the body all day, but better for staging in a vehicle within arm’s reach of the driver, perhaps near the steering wheel or at the seat-belt attachment point.

In addition to the safety hook cutter, the Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool includes a protected glass breaker. This is a spring-loaded glass breaker that can break through the tempered glass of a car side window.

The last emergency tool on the Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool is a flashlight that turns on by pressing a switch. It does not require constant pressure to remain on.

As self-defense gear, the Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool from Benchmade is a great addition to any emergency kit, particularly for first responders but also for anyone who wants to stage a rescue tool for a possible in-vehicle emergency.

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