Safer, Faster Knife Defense + DVD

with Alessandro Padovani
Session 1: Introduction

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This “Safer, Faster Knife Defense” class delivers over 3 hours of critical instruction, including training demonstrations and expert insight for anyone seeking to acquire the mental confidence and physical skills to use a knife for their own protection.

Whether used as a primary defensive tool or secondary “force multiplier,” knives offer unique advantages over other defensive tools, making this one-of-a-kind training well worth the commitment.

From knife selection and mental readiness to physical techniques and practice drills, Safer Faster Knife Defense is one of the most comprehensive presentations on the subject, taught by one of the foremost experts in the field, Alessandro Padovani.

Alessandro is a multi-disciplined personal defense instructor, teaching both armed and unarmed defensive skills as the founder of Safer Faster Defense. A native of Italy, now living in California, Alessandro’s training is sought by private students and professionals worldwide.

Safer Faster Knife Defense includes 13 instructional sessions, teaching both mental preparedness and physical techniques, from mindset and managing fear, to knife grip, stance, carry methods, and targeted knife strikes for quickly ending a violent physical attack. Also included are techniques for non-violent posture when encountering a threat, and knife defense training drills for at-home practice alone or with a training partner.

Plus, three bonus videos provide a behind-the-scenes perspective on the value of knife defense as part of an overall personal defense training plan, as well as an insightful interview with class instructor Alessandro Padovani and an explanation of the defensive training knife used in the production of this class.

More Than a Video Presentation

In addition to the comprehensive information and guided training provided by the video presentation, this class includes a series of printable PDF downloads developed by the instructor to further aid your at-home training efforts. Included are, “Choosing a Knife For Everyday Carry,” detailing physical characteristics to consider for an everyday carry knife, “Training Partners Brief,” offering tips for effective at-home knife defense training, “The Law,” a worksheet to facilitate learning about laws related to carrying and using knives where you live and travel, “Positive Emotional Triggers,” a worksheet designed to help manage fear in a defensive encounter, and “Permission To Do Harm Directive,” a worksheet to build confidence and overcome possible apprehension sometimes experienced by those training in knife defense. These thought-provoking downloads are automatically added to your PDN account when you purchase your class, to further support your ongoing Safer Faster Knife Defense training.

Alessandro Padovani

Alessandro has been practicing Martial Arts since childhood. This passion and quest for better ways to prepare for self-defense brought him to Blauer Tactical Systems, where he became a Personal Defense Readiness Instructor in 2007. He has also taught defensive firearms classes for Delta Firearms Academy and is currently a Combat Focus Shooting and I.C.E. Training instructor and a CrossFit trainer. He started Safer Faster Defense in 2011. Its mission: through education and training, to give clients the knowledge and tools to stay safe and prepare to prevail in dangerous situations. In 2012 he finished developing the Safer Faster Knife Defense program which provides a simple and intuitive knife training program that quickly makes students more confident and efficient in deploying and using a knife for personal protection. Alessandro is also known for the programs he has developed with others: FitShot, which strives to inspire a higher level of fitness in the shooting community, and the Reality Based Training Instructor Development course for civilian firearms instructors. You can learn more about Safer Faster Knife Defense and contact Alessandro through his website at

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Bonus Materials Included

  • PDF Supplement: Choosing a Defensive Knife
  • PDF Supplement: Training Partners Brief
  • PDF Supplement: The Law
  • PDF Supplement: Positive Emotional Triggers
  • PDF Supplement: Permission to do Harm
  • Video: Meet Your Instructor
  • Video: Instructor Insights
  • Video: Training Knife Demo