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Advanced Combat Focus Carbine Download




Video Download: Advanced Combat Focus Carbine

This video demonstrates everything from carbine set up to using different covers including bonus footage. Expert Rob Pincus will show you how to shoot around a corner with a defensive carbine, how to use a rifle in extreme close quarters, and even how to take cover behind small objects. Rob also explains how to train with reactive targets. 66 minutes.


  • Defensive Carbine Set Up
  • Shooting Around Cover with a Defensive Carbine
  • Weak Side Cover with a Defensive Rifle
  • Kneeling Behind Cover with a Defensive Rifle
  • Using a Rifle in Extreme Close Quarters
  • Using Offset sights on a Defensive Rifle
  • Understanding Rifle Barrel Offset Around Cover
  • Using Cover as a Rest
  • Taking Cover Behind Small Objects: Urban Prone
  • Using a Vehicle as Cover
  • Training with Reactive Targets
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