Getting Started Shooting a Revolver

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Duration:   7:45   mins

PDN Contributor and revolver expert Grant Cunningham has some pointers for shooting a revolver efficiently as well as tips for shooters who are new to the double-action defensive revolver. The first two things to concentrate on are mastering the long, heavy double-action trigger pull and the reload. Close-up camera work helps illustrate the finer points of gripping and controlling the revolver.

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7 Responses to “Getting Started Shooting a Revolver”

  1. Tom

    I thought the same thing. The instruction was to wrap the thumbs with a revolver, but Rob had his left thumb fully extended when firing.
    So which is correct, or it just doesn’t matter?

    • Chris

      With my S&W 460 XVR you have to wrap the thumbs or you will blow one of them right off. That’s a critical point that is overlooked in this video. I believe this rule applies to all revolvers and not just the big calibers.

    • Chris

      Correction – he actually does mention to overlap the thumbs, it’s just that Rob does not execute that grip :(

  2. Gene Hanneke

    Good video. Thanks. First round of firing your left thumb was near the front of the cylinder – Ahhhh! I thought you’d get burned. When did you reload for the second firing?

    • Ron Benjamin

      Great Video, love these even as I am 60 and disabled, the rounds in the left pocket was odd to me , as that is where my wallet is. Right would have been better in my opinion, but if you can afford that gun .. why not a speed loader. I used to keep a .44 5″ next to the bed, now a CA .44 spl due to being older and the weight difference. Better half still has ( and needs to train more with it ) a Mod 19 S&W .. YES I have semi autos but a wheelgun as first defence to me is #1. Peace and Bright Blessings to all.

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