Todd Fossey

Weapons-Based Ground Fighting

Todd Fossey
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Duration:   12  mins

This detailed video lesson by Todd Fossey of Integrative Defense Strategies is geared toward people who have no training in armed or unarmed ground fighting, up to an intermediate skill level. If that describes you, or if you’d like a new perspective, this video is for you.

Weapons-based grappling on the ground has a lot in common with unarmed self-defense skills. Todd’s approach borrows elements and principles of various approaches to become its own discipline. He stresses that his system is principle-based as opposed to technique-based.


We often hear this in the self-defense community, but consider the fact that you may not have a choice. You may be tackled or ambushed and taken to the ground, you may fall on a slippery surface, or you may be overwhelmed by multiple attackers. Neglecting ground fighting skills is too risky. Having the ability and skill to access a concealed carry weapon while in the bottom guard position on the ground is important.


Todd’s priorities when under attack on the ground:

  • 1. Conceal your weapon. Don’t let the attacker know you have it until you employ it and are transitioning to a dominant position.
  • 2. Retain your weapon. Move and fight in such a way that you can retain the weapon.
  • 3. Escape from the ground fighting position. Find a way to get back on your feet.
  • 4. Access, deploy and discharge the weapon if necessary.


Todd and IDS Senior Instructor Larry get into detail with their demonstrations and include slow motion for clearer depiction of the moves as you, the defender, look for an escape from the bottom position.


Todd presents this for your consideration — maybe it will work for you and maybe not. But he emphasizes that ground fighting is an aspect of personal defense that should not be ignored. Work with a partner and practice, get a feel for the basics, take it step by step, learn things slowly, absorb the basic principles, and build from there.

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