• Firearm Safety: Unload and Clear Firearm

    Firearm Safety: Unload and Clear Firearm

    Rob Pincus is on the range to talk about firearm safety and how to unload and clear your firearm at the end of a practice session or training course. The procedure he follows is to release the magazine and lock the slide open while in the high compressed ready position, not looking at the gun.…

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    Firearm Safety: Pointing Guns in a Safe Direction Reminder

    Rob Pincus is on site at the Ben Avery Shooting Range near Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss firearm safety on the range in regards to pointing a gun. People usually come to the range with their carry gun in the holster and pointed straight down for fast presentation.

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  • Untrained Persons Finding a Gun

    Untrained Persons Finding a Gun

    If you’re watching this video, chances are that untrained person is NOT you. But Rob Pincus has a challenge for you. Explain to a person in your life who knows nothing about firearms, and perhaps wants to know nothing about firearms, how to use one to defend themselves

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  • Three Gun Safety Rules

    Three Gun Safety Rules

    Rob Pincus shares three gun safety rules when handling a firearm to keep and those around you safe. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original gun safety video.

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  • Quick Release Gun Safe

    Quick Release Gun Safe

    It is important to keep your gun in a secure place when it's not in use, but it also needs to be quickly and easily accessible in an immediate dynamic critical incident.

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