Don Edwards

Aimpoint Acro P-1: Assessing the Pistol Red Dot Sight

Don Edwards
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Duration:   3  mins

Let’s take a first look at the new pistol red-dot sight from Aimpoint, the Acro P-1. Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical has been shooting with it and carrying it every day since he brought it home from the SHOT Show, and he’s ready with his evaluation.


The Acro P-1 is mounted on a Glock 19 that’s been built up by Boresight Solutions with a Unity Tactical Atom Slide. Don likes the Atom Slide system because of its adaptability. Don just needed them to make a new adapter plate and he was able to mount the Acro P-1 pistol red-dot sight.

The first thing people notice about the Aimpoint Acro P-1 is its size: Yes, it’s a bit larger in height, width and length than the Trijicon RMR, but Don has measured it and found it’s only fractions of an inch larger.

The Acro P-1 is completely enclosed. For ruggedness and durability, this is an advantage, though aesthetically it may not be as pleasing and it does add overall bulk to the entire unit. Personally, Don likes that it’s more reliable because it’s enclosed, and it will withstand the elements much better, especially if doing long sessions of handgun training in inclement


You can adjust the Acro P-1 pistol red-dot sight using your non-shooting thumb and the switch on the side of the unit.

It has an enclosed emitter and the dot inside is a 3.5 MOA. Don likes this size dot, especially for night shooting. It also works well with night-vision goggles.

The battery compartment is on the opposite side from the adjustability switch and so the battery can be removed and replaced without having to take the unit off the gun. It has a 10,000-hour battery life.


Among self-defense tools and accessories, the pistol red-dot sight is becoming increasingly popular. Don likes the Acro P-1. It conceals just as well as a pistol equipped with an RMR. Don doesn’t notice the Acro P-1 being any larger when he’s carrying it.

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