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Part 3: Contact & Chemical Spray

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For women who don’t feel comfortable carrying a concealed defensive handgun, there are other options for personal defense. Rob Pincus and Kelly Muir discuss the pros and cons of a couple of these options, and why it is extremely important that you know how each one should be used. One of the go-to defense weapons that women often turn to is a car or house key wedged in between their fingers that they think can be used for jabbing into their attacker’s eye. This is very risky because it is practically impossible to train and difficult to implement. Another popular choice is pepper spray, which women tend to see as a safety blanket. They think that if they have pepper spray in their purse, they are safe from danger. All you have to do is point and shoot, right? No, you should know how to be effective with the spray and keep in mind that you will probably be contaminated.

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