Don Edwards

Holosun LS321R Laser System

Don Edwards
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Duration:   2  mins

Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical presents the features of the Holosun LS321R Laser System, an entry-level laser sight that he has been using for a couple of years. Don is among a group of qualified users who have made recommendations to Holosun on improving the LS321R. Some of these have been incorporated by Holosun.

Roles for the Holosun Laser

Don uses his rifle equipped with the Holosun LS321R Laser System for nighttime hog hunting, though it can also be used for low- or no-light rifle training and for personal or home defense.

Don recommends this Holosun Laser as a solid entry-level system. It’s encased in a solid aluminum housing and all the controls are to the rear. Among other uses/abuses, Don’s has been dropped and been switched from gun to gun and it’s still functioning without issues.

Specs and Operation

This Holosun Laser is a Class I eye-safe laser with 0.7mw laser designator on it. All components — visible laser, IR laser, and Infrared Illuminator — all come out of one side, so as you make adjustments to one laser, the IR and the visible laser are slaved together so you can zero it as you would an ATPIAL, a PEQ-15, or a DBAL-A3. It operates similarly to those.

All controls are on the back, so all functions, from vis laser to off to vis high or low, can be adjusted easily. There is also a knob on the back that is used to adjust the size of the infrared illuminator beam.

Who’s It For?

Considering the cost of this Holosun Laser (under $800 retail) this is a tough, reliable system that Don recommends to anyone looking to get into nighttime predator hunting, nighttime shooting, and potentially as one of your self-defense accessories as part of a self- or home-defense plan.

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