• 6:16

    Nemo Arms Battle-Light Carbine

    The Nemo Arms Battle-Light 1.0 in .223 Wylde in 16-inch carbine configuration is set up to be an incredibly high-quality and reliable rifle and a very versatile option. If you want a firearm you can compete in 3 Gun matches with, hunt with, set up for home defense, or use as a patrol rifle, this…

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  • 0:53

    Forget the Flip

    When shooting a firearm and it runs out of ammo, what do you do? Rob Pincus hits the magazine release and the magazine drops free. And that is exactly what’s supposed to happen. It’s the miracle of gravity. It’s also all you need, or all you should need, to get the empty magazine out of…

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  • 3:08

    APF Integrated Side Folder AR

    There are many reasons why someone might want a powerful and compact defensive tool, and ARs with folding stocks have become a popular option, particularly AR pistols. Rob Pincus is carrying a very low-profile backpack, but inside it is an APF AR Pistol with built-in side folder. APF INTEGRATED SIDE FOLDER AR What’s unique about…

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  • 7:36

    F.A.S.T. Drill with a Rifle

    The F.A.S.T. Drill is usually done with a pistol, but as PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus and E.A.G. Tactical’s Brian Canova demonstrate, doing the F.A.S.T. Drill with a rifle yields some worthwhile data because several different skills can be analyzed. The F.A.S.T. Drill (Fundamentals, Accuracy, and Speed Test) was developed by the late Todd Louis…

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  • 2:47

    Dry-Fire Training with the SIRT STIC

    Finally there is a solution to dry-fire training with long guns: introducing the SIRT STIC from Next Level Training. In an environment where you can’t do live-fire training and you want to practice your defensive long-gun skills based on an AR-platform rifle, the SIRT STIC is the answer. It is a training stock. HOW THE…

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  • 2:14

    Defensive Rifle Iron Sights

    Many modern AR-type rifles are equipped with a red-dot sight that helps the shooter get hits on target. But what if you have a 1980s or 1990s vintage AR with iron sights and the carry handle that makes mounting a red-dot sight a challenge? STILL VIABLE? Is this type of rifle still a viable weapon…

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  • 3:58

    Crimson Trace CTA-2104 Tactical Riflescope

    Rob Pincus is on the range with the latest from Crimson Trace, the CTA-2104 Tactical Riflescope. Rob has been following Crimson Trace laser sights since their beginning over 25 years ago, and is excited to try out this new product line of magnified glass optics. MEET THE CTA-2104 The Crimson Trace laser sights CTA-2104 has…

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  • 2:46

    Sight Alignment and Sight Picture

    Sight alignment and sight picture are two different things. This holds true whether you are talking about marksmanship, high-level precision shooting, competition shooting, or defensive shooting, and whether you are shooting a rifle or pistol. SIGHT ALIGNMENT This is the relationship between the front and rear sights on your rifle or pistol. There should be…

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  • 3:37

    Mission First Tactical Rifle Accessories

    Mission First Tactical has become a complete resource provider for ARs. Whether you want to upgrade your AR one accessory at a time or outfit the whole firearm in Mission First Tactical gear, regardless of what upper and lower or barrel length you’re running, and whether it’s an AR-type rifle, carbine or pistol, MFT accessories…

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