Rob Pincus

Red Stitch Reactive Steel Targets

Rob Pincus
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Rob Pincus is on the range with his workhorse rifle, the POF-USA Renegade+ in 5.56mm equipped with a Holosun red-dot sight, and he’s testing the Red Stitch Targets Double Swinger Target.


Red Stitch Targets specializes in the design and manufacture of rifle- and pistol-rated steel targets for military, law enforcement, and competition shooting. Their targets are made of high-quality AR550 steel, and Red Stitch does everything in house: target design and steel cutting, welding, punching, drilling, tapping, and painting.

The Double Swinger Target sounds like it has two targets, but it actually has three. The base of the swinger sits on top of a popper target. Start by hitting the popper target and that sets the swinger and its two targets in motion — rapid motion. This means you take one shot on a stationary target and two on moving targets.


Rob has an informative video about shooting steel targets. He discusses steel targets’ advantages (namely their durability and giving audible feedback to the shooter) and disadvantages, in particular the safety concerns. Be sure to check out that video too.


Moving targets are preferable for defensive shooters doing handgun or rifle training and practice because we know that in a self- or home-defense situation, the bad guy is most likely going to be moving, not standing still. If we do all our practice on stationary targets, hitting a moving bad guy will be more difficult. And the Red Stitch Double Swinger Target really moves, offering valuable and challenging practice.


Rob takes out the three targets with four shots. The targets on the Double Swinger are your choice of six-inch round or square plates. The system has a very quick reset. The target plate is held in a keyed slot using an 86-pound rare earth magnet. Just slide the plate back in and the magnet does the rest.

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