Rob Pincus

APF Integrated Side Folder AR

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

There are many reasons why someone might want a powerful and compact defensive tool, and ARs with folding stocks have become a popular option, particularly AR pistols. Rob Pincus is carrying a very low-profile backpack, but inside it is an APF AR Pistol with built-in side folder.


What’s unique about the APF Armory Integrated Side Folder AR pistol is that it doesn’t have any aftermarket parts. The lower actually comes with an integrated folder

Rob has had some experience with it during rifle training and is impressed with the way it’s built, the way it functions, and how it releases and locks. It’s very sturdy when locked yet is easy to release and fold.

It will not fire in the folded position but it’s quick and easy to get into the extended position and fire, delivering 5.56mm rounds efficiently. It can be set up in a pistol caliber or a rifle caliber.


For an armed professional who’s in a low-profile situation, whether undercover law enforcement or security personnel, it would be ideal. A magazine of 20 rounds or less could even fit under a jacket with a sling over the shoulder. Also, for private citizens, this could be carried inside a vehicle or used inside your home as a home-defense weapon. If you don’t have a full-length quick-access safe, this would fit into a smaller safe when in the folded position.

In keeping with the compact profile, Rob has a very small optic mounted; in fact it’s designed to go on a pistol. This helps the AR fit inside the backpack.

If you’re in the market for a compact AR, whether in a rifle caliber or pistol caliber, take a good look at the APF Integrated Side Folder AR. It’s high quality and is available here in the United States, made in Minnesota.

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