Rob Pincus

Crimson Trace CTA-2104 Tactical Riflescope

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Rob Pincus is on the range with the latest from Crimson Trace, the CTA-2104 Tactical Riflescope. Rob has been following Crimson Trace laser sights since their beginning over 25 years ago, and is excited to try out this new product line of magnified glass optics.


The Crimson Trace laser sights CTA-2104 has an illuminated reticle, a modified BDC-type reticle that you can find points of impact for your 5.56mm or .308 rifle, and it’s adjustable from 1X to 4X magnification. That means it’s great for any close-in work such as 3-gun competitions, or as a patrol rifle optic, or for some hunting applications.

It would also be appropriate for a defensive rifle for home defense or a farm or ranch.


As an illuminated reticle, you have a black reticle when you start, then you can dial that up to a night-vision-friendly mode, all the way up to a brightness level that is set by the rotary dial.

It has ½ MOA click adjustments underneath the protective turret; no tools are needed. It’s adjustable up/down, left and right as any optic is.

The reticle adjusts as you zoom in. It starts as a relatively small cluster, but as you go to 4X, you get more image and are able to see the stadia lines.

The CTA-2104 is one in a series of magnified glass optics coming from the company — it’s not just Crimson Trace laser sights now, as their new tagline “Complete Focus” states.


Rob demonstrates one of the advantages of having 1-4X. He starts out at 1X, which is good for a patrol rifle or home defense — no magnification. This gives him a wide field of view — a 110-feet field of view at 100 yards. He has a variety of targets set up, the closest at about eight yards, some at 20 to 25 yards, and others at about 40 yards and with small target zones.

Using the reticle as a red dot, he engages the eight- and 20-yard targets. But if he suddenly needs to hit the five-inch plates at 40 yards, he can easily crank the CTA-2104 up to 4X, bring the rifle back up on target, and get the hits. This quick adjustment is perfect for competition, rifle training, or defensive use when you need to make a shot with a high level of precision.

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